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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 9, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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roadways. and nowing o millions of people. so far though, we have six confirmed storm related deaths in the u.s. and canada. good afternoon, everybody, i'm uma pemmaraju, we have live coverage from fox's anna kooiman in new york city and molly line in boston. we're going to kick it off and expecting a news conference from massachusetts governor duval patrick in this hour. molly, what can you tell us about the latest cleanup that's underway? >> well, uma, right now the travel ban put in place lie massachusetts governor duval patrick, still in place, but we've seen the traffic picking up here in the the last couple of hours and last night comes to a stand still and not a lot of people out on the road, and the snowplows and emergency workers, we're seeing people inch out and the word is that the travel ban did help a lot over the course of the storm, but there were still some two
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dozen or plus, rescues around the state of folks still featured out into the storm and needed help from emergency service folks. right now it's still in place and we may hear something different from the governor as he steps up to the podium in a half hour. as for the plans for the massachusetts roads, the t, the transit system remains shut down and is expected to stay shut down throughout the day. and boston logan airport may possibly open up later on this afternoon and however, the roads are still closed, so you need to check with your airline, if that's even going to happen, as well as wait and see what the governor will be announcing here in the upcoming hour or so. and there's still a lot of people without power across the state, but for much of the state, this is about digging out in the outlying areas, like the communities in the suburbs around massachusetts, you'll see a lot of digging today and that can be dangerous for folks, we hear reports of carbon monoxide poisoning, heart attack and that sort of thing and urging people to take it easy as they're digging out today. we don't want to see the
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injuries and any more deaths occur because of the storm. areas like worcester seeing a ton of snow, out past that snow belt in massachusetts, out in the stir bridge area and got over 30 inches, some of those reports and there's also quite a bit of flooding along the southern shores of massachusetts, and the cape cod, seeing some flooding as well where the majority of the power outages are, about 400,000 people still without power and we're just waiting on an update as to what the next step is, as we move into the cleanup phase of this storm, uma. >> molly, thank you very much, and now from boston to new york city, where thousands of people are digging out from under a big white-out, anna kooiman is joining us live with more, anna? >> well, hello to everybody at home. i can tell you that the things are slowly starting to get back to normal. you see people here in central park really enjoying the day, trains are beginning to run once again and the first flights have landed at jfk. and also, laguardia.
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but, that's after 5300 flights have been canceled because of the blizzard. officials are commending residents for heeding the warning and new york governor andrew cuomo, many of them fare well, up to 30 inches of snow in long island and he says that the state is going to be sending power resources and power crews to massachusetts and connecticut and they did not get hit as hard and the national weather service saying in central park, 11.4 inches of snow. in new york, blizzard conditions stranded about 150 cars in the long island expressway and motorists in other areas as well making for a complicated situation, plows and crews could to their work or could not do their work, rather, emergency workers are still having to go car to car to make rescues in some areas, and governor cuomo is urging residents to stay off the roads. >> i asked the people of the state to use consideration today. if you really don't need to leave the house for an urgent matter, don't leave the house. there are crews all over the
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state working to clear the roads. it becomes more complicated when people are on the roads. >> so the last report we have, 650,000 power outages, not sure on the progress made on that. the worst is in massachusetts and rhode island and not so bad, in new york, new jersey and connecticut and we do have four confirmed deaths in canada and also, one in connecticut and then in upstate new york as well. uma, back to you. >> anna, thank you very much and thanks for keeping us posted what's been happening in new york city. you've seen the damage, so what happens next? our team coverage continues, meteorologist maria molina joining us now live from the fox weather center with a look at what's in store. maria? >> good to see you. although the storm is over with for places like new york city, western areas in massachusetts i want to point out that the storm is not over just yet across areas in eastern maine and we still do have reports of blizzard conditions ongoing out there
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and very heavy snow falling at the hour and behind the storm we're going to get very cold temperatures that will not help out people who do not have power right now. it's going to be frigid with single digit wind chill temperatures and another storm system we're going to be tracking with blizzard conditions in the north central and severe weather in parts of the south. i do want to start out with pictures many of you have been sending to us on you report, on they help tell the story and the first they set out with, new hampshire, you can see a lot of heavy snow, you can see those cars buried, pretty much going to be very hard for many of them to dig out of this and also, images coming out of new york and parts of upstate new york dealing with very heavy snow, get out the shovels and start cleaning up if you can. if you have that storm pretty much wrapped up in your area, but i want to zoom into places across eastern maine. again, snow coming down quite heavily and the center of the storm system about 200 miles away from the shore, continuing to pull away, so, eventually, as we head into tonight and tomorrow, many areas in maine will finally begin to begin that cleanup
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process across that area, we're talking about feet of snow out here, up to three feet being recorded in some of the cities, we do not have an update yet out of the boston area, and that total right there, 21.8 inches was as of 7 a.m. this morning and we know several inches of snow have come on on top of that. the wind was howling across the northeast, up to 83 miles per hour, recorded across parts of massachusetts, 82 mile per hour wind gusts and in connecticut that's hurricane force out here. and again, it's going to be very cold as we head into later on tonight. during the overnight hours, single digits, wind chill temperatures in new york city, in pennsylvania. below zero wind chill temperatures across connecticut and parts of massachusetts and you need to bundle up tonight. it's dangerous, if you do not have power and uma, touch upon the blizzard conditions expected across north central and talking 16 inches possible, gusts over 40 miles per hour and as if all of that wasn't enough severe weather in texas and oklahoma. >> so much better activity out
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there. and thank you for that, we appreciate it. >> my opinion suspect is on principle, but you're right, the manifesto, i think, speaks for itself in terms of the evidence of a depraved and abandoned mind and a heart, and the cowardly way he ambushed your public servants speaks to his character. >> turning now to another big story making news. unprintable, that's how profilers are describing christopher dorner, wanted for multiple murders. more than a hundred officers are searching the snow-covered san bernardino mountains for the former los angeles police officer and helicopters are grounded and held up search efforts. dominic di-natale is joining us live from big bear lake where the search is underway.
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>> and it isn't just in big bear lake, in nevada, northern mexico as well because the authorities here aren't totally sure he's actually here, and in the big bear lake, but remains the focal point of the entire search effort because of course, this is where he torched his truck and we saw that footprint lead away from the scene, vanishing into the mountain where the authorities here actually lost his trail so they do think that he's potentially still in the area. and just because of the heavy snow we had yesterday and now it's sunshine today, complicated conditions and so much snow on the ground it's going to be heavier going today up on the mountain. they say it's such an slog it's going to take time. listen to this clip. >> they will have ground searches going on. there were reports of tracks being found. they found along with those
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tracks, see tracks and it's a popular area for people to go cross country skiing and they have determined those tracks are what it was, and there was also a report of a door kick at a cabin in the seven oaks area. and they checked that out, and it's old damage. and no sign that anyone has been there in a very long ti time. >> we heard the sound of helicopters overhead and see if it's to get it up in the air and where they think he might be actually hiding. >> uma? >> dominic, we're hearing that charlie sheen has a message for the suspect related to that manifesto. >> yeah, extraordinary, charlie sheen, who knew? he recorded a video message for dorner had mentioned him in his manifesto. and described charlie sheen as
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being blanking awesome. well, sheen responding in a specific message direct to him saying working out specifically what he had to say. you mention me in your manifesto, thank you for your kind words, i'm urging you to call me, let's figure out together how to end this thing. not entirely sure how lapd really would react to the help of charlie sheen, but, well, the offer is out there. back to you. >> i guess the offer is out there indeed. dominic, thank you very much. joining us now to lend her expertise to this case, the criminal profiler pat brown. you're an expert in these kinds of cases, thank you for joining us. people describe him as a classic narcissist and psycho path. >> absolutely. who does this kind of thing, but a psycho path and i heard this thing about charlie sheen and i want to throw up. you know, just because a psycho path thinks you're awesome, you should respond you're really not. that he would reach out to the
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psy psychopath appalls me. >> when you look at the manifesto the way it reads, the way it's presented, what strikes you as being the biggest concern at this point? >> well, it is a typical manifesto, by the way, nothing special about it. he goes on and on with his grievances, normal for a psychopath, it's a blame game, it's justifying what i'm going to do. it doesn't matter that he worked for the police or the education system, whether he worked for a post office, doesn't matter. he would blame whom ever he worked for for what he's going to do. the only thing i think is important, people need to pay attention to is he doesn't really care who his targets are, he has targets, but quite frankly he'll take anybody out, you know, if he can't get to his targets and say, you stop me from letting me get to my target so i should take out other innocent people. >> some describe that as a wound collector. he's blaming everybody for all the problems and anything that is major slight in his life. >> in his own mind because since he's a massive narcissist he's the only one
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that matters. any serial killer, spree killer, mass murderer are all the same and aren't you fascinated by these guys? actually, no, they're alike and extremely boring and hate society and hate the fact they become losers in society and the only way to think of winning is to do something horrific to everybody else. >> in a situation like this, what do you think sustains him knowing there's publicity out and people looking for him. people have described him as someone who knows survival tactics and well trained and armed. but in that situation, he is on the run and what's going to happen once he's eventually caught? >> well, the question will be, will he give up because at that point he decides he can have more fun in the courtroom and get married in prison and have people say free him? that could happen or he could say i don't want to be in the prison system, i've had my day in the sun and kill me or take
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as many down. we can't judge what a psychopath will do that. we know he's out there and a danger to the community. >> you're an expert, how do you see it playing out? >> i tend to think he'll go out in a gun fight. i'll be surprised you see him already with the guns and okay, whatever. because they change their minds quickly and he might decide that he can have more publicity if he stays in the limelight because he's seen that with other serial killers and mass murderers, that they get continuing publicity and dig into his past as if it makes any difference what his family life was like and he's going to get, you know, groups on the internet that are going to have, you know, websites set up for him and women write him in prison and i think you were cute and wronged and seeing people saying that he had good reasons to feel this way and i'm like, really? you know, and as if you can judge the lapd and as if it even matters because we all have had things happen in our life, back-stabbed, run over
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by somebody, our names ruined at times and we don't kill people because we got a bad deal. >> thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. well, officials are monitoring the air quality in the area around laporte, texas, an explosion at a chemical plant and a person was airlift today a nearby hospital. not clear if anyone remains inside the plant. so far no contaminants have been detected and arson investigators are looking into the cause of that explosion. well, when the power goes out, usually, there's at least a part of this town that's spared, but not in massachusetts where the entire city is now in the dark. we're going to talk to a massachusetts congressman coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with a groundbreaking car. good. then invent an entirely new way to buy one. no. no. no. yes! a website that works like a wedding registry.
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>> well, if you need any proof of how massive this storm is, check out the satellite image from nasa. it shows how the powerful nor'easter formed. two low pressure systems merged together and as you can see, the clouds stretch from canada through the ohio and tennessee valleys into the gulf of mexico, but if the storm was in the record books, joining us now jason tool
1:19 pm
director of the national weather service eastern region, welcome, sir. >> good afternoon. >> let's talk about the storm, what made it interesting the fact that you have the two systems coming together. >> yeah, it's somewhat unique in the sense that we had two streams forming together. and an intense low, during the day on friday, and giving huge amounts of snow across much of central connecticut and up into massachusetts and the southwestern coast of maine. and two early right now to say whether this is one for the record books because it's still snowing in eastern massachusetts and southwestern maine, but certainly, the snowfall totals have huge impacts on people's lives and seeing snowfall totals up to three to eight inches in connecticut. >> uma: that's amazing because obviously, we haven't had this type of a storm of this magnitude in some time.
1:20 pm
>> we've had a couple of quiet winter comparatively speaking, but it's winter and you get snowstorms and this is certainly a major one. it's certainly going to be comparable to some of the major storms seen in southern new england and southwestern maine. in fact, we can say that up in maine, up in portland, they've set a new record for snowfall in one storm. it's now 21.93 inches and the previous record 27.1 and it's still snowing up there. so they're likely to add to that total. >> and right now, we're showing photos from the big blizzard of 78 that hit massachusetts very, very hard and the difference back then was a lot of folks didn't have any real warning that this was going to be a very powerful storm and so much has changed in 35 years. the fact that you can track these storms now as much as a week or ten days in advance is quite remarkable. >> well, it is, and i think the whole science of forecasting has improved
1:21 pm
considerably since 1978 and i personally rode out that storm when i was in college and i can attest what it was like, but the advances and high performance computing and weather modeling enabled us to have much more lead time on the storms. i think another important point to be made is that the states were incredibly proactive in urging people not to travel, to stay off the roads and that comes from having more lead times in terms of warning for the storm. >> also, it happened to be a friday and saturday, which made a huge difference, don't you think? the fact that so much of it happened overnight into the weekend where people are usually prone to stay home or go about more leisurely activities? >> that's a factor as well. i remember thursday night at eastern region headquartered on long island and on the long island expressway thursday night, there were signs saying heavy snow friday, you know,
1:22 pm
asking people to curtail afternoon travel. again, having that kind of lead time was important for people planning their lives and staying home. >> it makes a big difference and it absolutely does save lives of the thank you for joining us and your perspectives on snow we don't know yet, because the snow is falling, if it's one for the record books. thank you. >> thank you. >> uma: moving on to other stories now. at this hour, first lady michelle obama is in chicago paying final respects to a young lady to lost her life to senseless violence. it's captured national attention in a debate when gun makes head lines. she was killed in a case of mistaken identity in a suspected gang dispute and her death happened just days after she performed at one of president obama's inauguration events. mrs. obama met with her family privately before the service and the family says they want
1:23 pm
the teenager to be remembered as a wonderful girl who loved to dance. well, thunder-snow, have you ever heard of it? if not check out the video and we'll fill you in on this weather phenomenon a bit later in our program. if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and class-leading 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪
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♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your pocket. now tell the world daniel... of pepto-bismol to-go. >> all right. we're continuing to update the story about the storm that hit new england hard. as you can see on the left side of your screen, governor mario cuomo of new york and duval patrick updating people on the situation as the employ plows try to clear the roads in the area after taking the brunt of the storm. let's listen into what governor patrick has to say. >> the car, it was in boston as i understand it and the
1:28 pm
area-- excuse me, and there was snow built up by the tail pipe so they were taking on carbon monoxide and they've all been rushed to the hospital. >> (inaudible) explain how the idea came up. whose idea it was. and how it's played out and maybe a little earlier and speculated next. >> you're right on the last point, it's early for post-mortems and we can come back to that in a little while and we're going to see what the experience is of lifting it. we took all of us were trying to take lessons from other experiences, including the blizzard of '78, where there was a travel ban as it was explained to me after the blizzard hit. and by which time there were thousands of cars stranded on the roads, complicating things, not just for those drivers, but for the people who are trying to clear the
1:29 pm
roads. so, it was an extraordinary step. it was a -- it was something we all talked about under secretary schwartz, put it on the table. you know, i would say on the whole, given the feedback we've had from emergency responders, from local officials, it's been pretty positive. there were a few, as my grandmother would describe them, knuckle heads out last night who, you know, were driving the wrong way on the pike or the wrong way on the drive and on i-93 as well. because they didn't see. precisely the thing that we were concerned about and some 50 or so folks who were stranded on ramps coming off the main highway, but if you consider what might have happened had we not had that ban, i think we were pretty well-serv
1:30 pm
well-served. >> uma: well, there you have governor patrick talking about the travel ban which he said is going to be lifted around four o'clock this afternoon. that travel ban was put into place to keep all activity off the roadways at the height of the storm because so much snow was falling and at one point they were talking about two to three he inches an hour and now that ban is going to be lifted and there are some who are questioning whether or not this was the best thing to to you heard from some reporters there and i understand that governor cuomo of new york did speak with governor patrick, comparing notes on the storm. we'll bri we'll be monitoring what they're saying throughout the hour and bring you more updates as they become necessary. and again, massachusetts at this hour, at least 400,000 customers remain without power in that state, a state taking the biggest hit so far in terms of the impact from the storm. and meteorologist maria molina, the fox extreme weather center with what lies ahead, maria? >> hi, uma, good to see you
1:31 pm
and we're looking at heavy snowfall, falling right now across eastern portions of the state of maine and we're talking wind gusts over 30 miles per hour across the area and it's dangerous if you're trying to do any travelling. you shouldn't be doing it right now across eastern portions of the state of maine and areas where we've seen that snow that pretty much ended in places like new york city, parts of upstate new york, western massachusetts and parts of connecticut where again, it's pretty much overwith as far as additional snowfall and it's still dangerous out there and we could actually seeing snow melt offer the next couple of days and during the next couple of hours, freeze and produce black ice over the roads. be very safe if you're headed out to work, otherwise, you can see that coming down heavily. across the area and the rest of the state of maine or eastern portions of the state of maine. sunday, it's cold across the northeast and portions of new england. by monday, a dramatic warm-up and talking about up to 10 degrees where you're going to be experiencing over the weekend and a lot of the snow will be melting in the 40's across connecticut,
1:32 pm
massachusetts, even into the state of maine and we're actually also looking at the possibility of seeing some rainfall on top of the very warm temperatures which is going to produce some very rapid snow melt across the area and so this will be something that we need to watch very closely, otherwise by tuesday, temperatures still very dramatically mild into the 40's. snowfall reports 38 inches out of milford, connecticut and we have a picture from someone from milford, connecticut, from you reports, people have been posting these pictures on our website, you can see a lot of snow just covering the roadways across the area and meese be safe as you head out there, otherwise looking at some other areas picking up a lot of snow and that's milford, connecticut, 38 inches of snow and incredible. and other folks, three feet as well and uma, i want to point out as we head into wednesday and thursday, one of our computer models is bringing another nor'easter into the area and midnight thursday,
1:33 pm
more snow forecast into portions of the northeast, still, some we have some time to go with the next system and first we need to track another area, which is the north central u.s., and this weekend we'll be dealing with blizzard conditions and the blizzard warnings and watches in effect out here and wind gusts over 40 miles per hour, and over 16 or up to 16 inches of snow forecast for that area and on the southern end of the system severe weather in texas, oklahoma with tornados possible. >> oh, my gosh, mother nature in all her glory, and you are absolutely telling us that we may be doing this once again. hopefully not. hopefully not. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> welcome, once again a sequestration deadline is looming. can congress figure out how to reach a deal to stop the automatic spending cuts that would effect everything from our military to food inspectors? a live report coming your way. and president obama's use of drones coming under fire, but how does his program compare
1:34 pm
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for less than $2 a day. helping protect your business is our business. adt. always there. >> sometimes can tell the story better than we can. you have the access that we don't. let's take a look at photographs coming in from around the northeast. now, that was a snow that slowed down in connecticut and seems like an appropriate time to do some yardwork and this unbelievable picture from sheila in new hampshire, take a look, waves crash over the sea wall on a snow covered beach in hampton, we ask you to keep sending pictures to us, go to our website, c report. and of president obama is
1:39 pm
telling congress if you can't avoid a deal to avoid huge spending cuts, they should try for a stop-gap measure. . >> reporter: during a fall debate, president obama says the sequester will not happen and now they have say domestic 9% and military 13% unless congress takes action now. >> since we're weeks away to deep automatic cuts to spending, including defense, let me say this, there is no reason, no reason for that to happen. when our fiscal house in order calls for a balanced approach not massive indiscriminate cuts that could have a severe impact on our military readiness. >> the president wants some tax reform and spending cuts to stop the sequester. the republicans say the president got what he wanted during the fiscal cliff debate with a spokesman for speaker
1:40 pm
boehner saying, the president got it with no corresponding cuts and the tax issues have been resolved and speaking of problems, we've heard this morning specifically how badly those cuts at the pentagon would hurt. >> if these sequestration cuts continue, the united states will have to look at its entire national security policy. war college 101, if you cut the ends, the resources by 70, 80%, we can't have the same national strategy, to your point. >> reporter: meanwhile, the republican chair of the house armed services committee, buck mckeon says that ship yard workers are laid off as maintenance for the navy is canceled. aircraft are being pushed past their limits and our soldiers are tested not by an external threat, but by the president's repeated insistence that defense cuts are the key to resolving this financial crisis.
1:41 pm
the white house also now says that the sequester will mean fewer food inspection and reduction in services from the irs and social security administration. uma. >> uma: all right. peter, thank you very much. the secret u.s. drone campaign and how the obama administration is using it is sparking controversy and criticism. critics are saying, there are virtually no checks and balances and some go as far as to say it gives the president a license to kill. joining us now to talk more about the drone program as well as new revelations about syria, author, journalist and terrorism expert gabriel. we have a lot to talk about and let's go first to the drone program and great to have you here today. >> thank you, glad to be with you. >> what did you make of the fact that this information was revealed to the public, that the obama campaign, the white house has had its own campaign in place and that it could actually target americans if it so chose to do so? >> well, it's finally showing a standard.
1:42 pm
i mean, here are the democrats in this administration, that are adamant against the bush administration policies when it comes to national security, and even waterboarding. and look what we are doing now. so, we had a problem with waterboarding under president bush, but president obama had no problem whatsoever in actually going after our enemy and killing them. now, let me make something very clear. i am all for drone attacks, because they are very effective and they are-- they take out the people we want, while minimizing casualties. when you look in the past the way we used to attack our enemy by throwing a bomb, we just lost lobbed the bomb and hoping the target. and we're specifically who we want to kill and eliminating them, so it's very effective. we are fighting a different type of war and we had to employ different types of strategies in order to win this war. >> uma: so when you take a look at what's at play now and he spoke about the fact about the hypocrisy that's going on. do you think that this is
1:43 pm
something that's going to continue to divide people as they move forward and it's not going to get beyond the political debate? >> well, people need to understand that we have entered a new era of how war is conducted throughout the world. this is not world war ii, this is not the way we used to live back then and used to fight our enemies, it's a new era, however, it's important. we are in a democracy, and have checks and balances. we do not want the president to be able to singlehandedly issue an order to kill anybody, americans or otherwise. and this is why it's important to have a committee where the intelligence is presented to this committee that says, we believe these americans are involved with al-qaeda, we want to launch an attack against them and kill them because we believe they're planning a major attack against the united states and we cannot arrest them and the only way we can protect american citizens is by eliminating them. and then the committee can
1:44 pm
decide. yes, let's go ahead with the order and with the zone attack, this way it will enable us as a democratic society, to employ checks and balances while protecting america from future terrorist attacks, and meanwhile, killing our enemies and especially americans who have defaulted to the enemy side and are working with the enemy from within because there are very lethal and they know information that our enemy does not know and this is why it's very important to eliminate them. >> let me shift gears here quickly in the time i have left with you. we heard from defense secretary panetta about the continuing investigation into benghazi and revealed that the defense department spoke to the white house just once during the seven hours that the attack was going on. let's listen to that exchange that took place on capitol hill. >> talked to him on september 11th with regards to the fact that we were aware this attack
1:45 pm
was taking place. >> one time. >> right. >> you talked to him how many times. >> the same, one time. >> uma: the him they're referring to is the president, speaking just one time when that attack was going on. what was your reaction when you heard that news? >> amazing. but then again, as somebody working with the the intelligence community, i knew that information and more information's going to come out, regarding the benghazi attack, that will make them shocked. how we have been conducting and are conducting attacks or plans or projects regarding how we are defending the country. and people are going to be surprised. very surprised. >> well, i think we're also still surprised what we're hearing right now. it seems unbelievable that when you have this kind of situation going on that the white house and the defense department communicated so little between themselves, is just amazing. >> exactly. and not only so little, but
1:46 pm
this is, now, ten years after september 11th, 11 years on the exact same day, but then again, it's showing the population of the united states, showing our people that this president has not taken national security seriously, has not been coordinating well or listening to advisors about what's happening with our operation worldwide, and you know, there are times when you can have the campaigns and set up cameras and say words. it's nor story what's happening behind the scenes when the commander-in-chief is not paying attention and coordinating with our various agencies in terms of protecting the country. >> bridgette gabriel, thank you for having you on. >> thank you, have a great day. >> uma: from the drone debate to the controversial gun debate, chris wallace will spoke with nancy pelosi and
1:47 pm
why they haven't taken hollywood to task for firearms in movies. >> why don't you go to your friends in hollywood and challenge them, shame them and say knock it off. >> i think whatever we do, when you talk about evidence-based we have that throughout our proposal. in other words, we don't want to just be anecdotally writing bills. >> uma: that's nancy pelosi and john mccain, check your listings for the time and the channel. it's long been called the holy grail of meteorology events, thunder-snow caught on camera. you won't believe it. coming your way next. ve inves. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs.
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>> do you hear that? did you hear that boom? well, new england inundated it with a winter blast, no surprise that the today's stories trending online are about the weather. now, this video from youtube shows a rare side effect of the storm, we're calling it thunder storm. look closely and hear that lightning and the thunder. and it's a rare atmospheric
1:52 pm
phenomenon, exactly what it sounds like, a thunderstorm in the middle of a blizzard. and new york is calling, called the city that never sleep, but blanketed in nearly a foot of snow it looks like a city that's at least taking a little nap. the photos in central park, beautiful, peaceful sight after a long and stormy night. you can check out the photos that are sent in and upload our own on the you report website. boston has been hit very hard by the storm and american red cross is already on location and working hard to help those in need. joining us now on the phone to tell us more about the effort, cat powers, the red cross' director of communications for eastern massachusetts. welcome, cat. i know that people are now trying to take advantage of some of the shelters set up, particularly on the south shore of massachusetts and cape cod. >> that area was particularly
1:53 pm
hard hit and we are watching a number of people that were having power outages and now in with communities in the areas south of boston to see he what exactly is going to be needed for shelterinsheltering. do you think that the damage is severe so you'll have to deal with a lot of families that need help with the power outages? >> now, we're finding that we were-- people were very good. they did follow the government following them. off the streets, but now that they're starting to come out here a little bit in massachusetts and we're actually able to see that there is a need where there are people who are going be to be without power, probably again tonight. and it's going to get cold. so we're looking to see what we can pro vide them and i know you're giving help on social media. >> on twitter, red cross, and we've had a number of conversations with people. you know, the lights are
1:54 pm
flickering, i have a newborn in the house, what am i going to do. one person from a fire scene reached out to us on social media and we're talking right now about, you know, what's in your go bag, if you have to go to a shelter, what do you need to bring, do you have medications for a couple of days, an extra set of glasses. we'll make sure you have a cot and a blanket if you need a red cross shelter, but what else are you going to need? do you have papers, a license, that sort of thing? please bring it along with you, if you have to come out with us tonight. >> uma: it's good advice and social media a powerful way to communicate to people who may not have access to a television or a radio right away. thank you very, very much for joining us, and good luck with all of your efforts out there. >> thanks for spreading the news. >> uma: you bet. all right, it's a youtube sen evaluation getting over 6 million hits. take a look. we're going to show you what got the seven week old kittens so worked up.
1:55 pm
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1:58 pm
>> what a funny sound. we couldn't resist giving these guys a shoutout when it was posted on youtube. and the seven week old foster kittens, their foster dad was chopping up food for them. they couldn't wait. we've received many you report
1:59 pm
pictures and want today thank viewers for sending them in. before we go, i wanted to share photos from my favorite junior reporter my daughter karina. this is a door outside our door in new york and she's been sharing photos from all around the house, what you can see is blanketed in what looks like about a foot of snow out there, just outside new york city. it looks like the walk up the stairs will be difficult when i get back and our thanks to karina though, the last picture is our favorite take a look, karina with sassy our dog who is absolutely adorable. thanks, karina. and that's going to do it for me and stay with me for coverage in the blizzard in new england and the manhunt taking place in big bear, california for an ex-cop turned suspected killer. bulls and bears is next. i'm uma
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